A Day Out at the Farmer’s Market.

Summer brings gathers all the farmers out to bring in their fresh crops right from the ground.  The best way to get these for me is the Farmer’s Markets.  Some places charge an entrance fee but I’ve been lucky that the one here is free.  Fresh veggies for a great summer salads, such a endive with some strawberries with a touch of pepper and salt seasoning, add dressing made of olive oil and lime.  I know it sounds corny but certain fruits bloom gracefully and produce the sweetest of mouth watering temptations.  Cantaloupe is my favorite melon and I’ve been enjoying them every morning for the last few months.  Eat it with some eggs and you will be full until lunch time, no need to snack in between.  I know the say snacking and eating small meals is best but heck, I rather eat a lot of what I love and don’t snack in between.  There’s no wrong way to eat a cantaloupe, I’ll cut it up or cut it in half and use a spoon per bite.

I’ve recently learned that I’ve cutting the cantaloupe the wrong way. Best way to cut it; cut the tops and bottom off, then place it on one of the cut side, this prevents the cantaloupe from moving. After that, cut all the way around the fruit removing all skin. Cut the peels cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds.  Then I turn the fruit on it’s flat side (the seeds side onto the cutting board) and I cut in sections and then into square. Voila! Quick and easy. The old way of cutting risk me cutting my fingers off, which I have came close to many times, this is a much safer method.

So…back to the Farmer’s Market before I went off topic.  I notice that what was catching my attention were these banner stands that some of farmers used.  They were neat, had a base that filled up with water and a X frame to hold the banner in place.  The day I went was quit windy and these stands seemed to hold off just fine.  I thought it was a great way for these farmers to display their company’s name or what farm they were from, etc.  Some even have prices listed on there, which I really liked because I somehow ended up not going to many of the ones that didn’t have a nice display.  I just like to know what the prices are and don’t want to have to ask every time how something is.  Plus, there’s not always someone free to answer my questions.

Whatever your choice is, you can check out local Farmer’s Market by going to your city’s website or sometimes there is something in the mail to let you know of the event.  My local Farmer’s Market here is in a Target shopping plaza, the shopping plaza is holding it weekly every Saturday as a way to bring in more business to the local tenants there.  Great way to help your local tenants out, props to those landlords.

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